Welcome Home, Korey

Clay County Habitat for Humanity is excited to announce a new home homeowner. On Wednesday, January 27th, Korey and her family officially became homeowners of a newly built 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in Orange Park. While Kory’s journey to homeownership was not easy, her relentless dedication and tireless commitment has helped her gain not only a home, but also a family among the Clay County Habitat community.

Since May 2019, Korey fully emersed herself within the Habitat program to become a future homeowner. While working hard to complete her sweat equity hours, Korey balanced a physically demanding job, as a front-line employee at the local hospital, while caring for her 10-year-old daughter and elderly mother. Within this program, Korey strived to own an affordable home for her family. Now Korey looks forward to spending time outdoors with her daughter and continuing her journey as a homeowner. Welcome home, Korey!

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