Meet Keri, our newest Partner Family!

Keri is employed in logistics at a well-known national company. Despite having a good job, she finds it difficult to afford housing for her family. The escalating costs of rent and homes have made it challenging for her and many families like hers to find a place to call their own. They are constantly under the threat of their landlord raising the rent, making it hard for them to make ends meet.

Keri is a mother of four children, who depend on her for food, shelter, school supplies, and medical needs. It is unimaginable to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table. No parent should ever be placed in such a situation.

“I am looking forward to having a home to call ours. I have never had that nor know the feeling of being able to call anything ours. To also be able to be in a home that is fresh and has no leaking faucets or running toilets. No leaking roof! It sounds like simple stuff to some but being a single mom of 4, these things are a lot to deal with especially when they aren’t yours. And lastly being able to decorate how we want to decorate without needing permission. Can’t wait!” – Keri

You have the power to assist Keri and many families like hers in Clay County. By investing in their future, you are not just donating to a nonprofit – you are helping families secure a better life.

Click here to make an investment in a family’s future!

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