March Faith Moment by Father Sullivan

We are now in the season known as Lent, which is celebrated by many Christian denominations.

What is Lent? Lent is the 40 days of preparation for Holy Week and Easter. These 40 days are in memory of the time spent by Jesus in the desert, where He fasted and prayed before beginning his public ministry.

By celebrating Lent, we are accepting in a more intense way the invitation of Jesus to be more closely united with Him on the cross, thereby dying with Him to sin, selfishness, Satan and eternal death to rise with Him on Easter Sunday to a more radiant life of grace, mercy and spiritual rebirth. During this season, we are all called to prayer, self-sacrifice and works of charity as we meditate on and look forward to celebrating the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord.

Self-sacrifice can take the form of fasting. And fasting is not just refraining from or cutting back on food and drink. We can also fast from social media. If we are honest with ourselves, most of us spend far too much time on social media. Try calculating the time you spend on it on any given day. It is probably fairly extensive. Studies have shown that we tend to isolate ourselves from others in an unhealthy way by the amount of time we give to social media. We have just four weeks left between now and Easter Sunday. Why not make a decision to cut back on the (unnecessary) time we spend online and on our phones? Try just using your phone for calls or texts or checking your calendar. There’s a novel thought! I think you may feel much better at the end of the Lenten season.

And you will have more time to give to prayer and some reading of a worthwhile book.

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