January Faith Moment by Father Sullivan

We have just begun a NEW year! The word new always has an element of surprise and expectation. We associate it with excitement. Think of getting a new suit, dress, or shoes. Think of what it feels like to walk out of a car dealership with a new car! If you are a single person and you meet a new person in your life and excitement you experience in wondering if this may be the person you have been waiting for. It is always interesting to hear well-known people or stars in different areas of life talk about what they will do differently in the New Year! Many talk about eating in a more healthy way or exercising more. Most of these plans center around improving their lives in some way. Gymnasiums and fitness centers always say that their membership grows hugely in January! Unfortunately, by about mid-March the number of active participants usually subsides quite a bit!

Why is this? There may be different reasons. The motivation they had at the beginning of January diminishes because of the pressure of work or family duties; or maybe they just get lazy! Most of us try to make some resolutions at the beginning of a new year. Usually, these center around improving our lives in some way. And that, I think, is always a good thing. Perhaps we have become cynical about resolutions because we have failed in the past and given up on them after a while. I would like to encourage you to do something that will benefit your spiritual life. If you have not done it already, I am going to suggest that you set aside a time of about ten minutes to spend with the Lord. This could be with a passage of scripture you read and ask the Lord to tell you what lesson you can learn from it. There are also different books that can be beneficial. One such book that I recommend to people is “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. It consists of a reflection for each day of the calendar year. Each reflection is based on scripture. I have found it to be very helpful in my life.

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