December Faith Moment – by Father Sullivan

December is a great month as we celebrate the holiday that most people enjoy the most in the year, namely Christmas. Right now, people are putting up their Christmas trees and decorating them. They send Christmas cards, plan parties and shop for gifts for family members and friends. Young children write to Santa to make sure he does not forget them. It is all very festive and enjoyable.

With all the celebrating, it can easily happen that the reason we celebrate Christmas can be pushed into the background. For Christians, the most important reason we celebrate this holiday is because of the birth of a special baby over two thousand years ago.

Christmas introduces us to the mystery of the incarnation, that is, the mystery of God’s own Son taking flesh in the womb of a young Jewish woman and coming to live among us. This, of course, is Jesus Christ, who came on earth to redeem and save us from our sins. Christmas is a mystery of love, God’s love for mankind in general and each of us in particular. The Good News was first announced to lowly shepherds doing obscure work, forgotten by the world of the powerful and the rich. Christmas achieves a great leveling off. Nobody can feel superior to another on that day. Neither should anyone feel inferior. Christmas puts an end to all elitism. It does this not by lowering us all but by raising us all.

On this day, the whole world becomes more friendly. It shines with joy and meaning, with hope and love. And all this is because of the great joy announced to the shepherds and now announced to us.

So, on this day, in the midst of all our celebrating and exchanging of gifts, let us not forget to express our thanks to God, our Heavenly Father, for the gift of his Son, Jesus, who took on our human nature for love of us.

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