April Faith Moment by Father Sullivan

Happy Easter!

Yes, we can still say that. Even though Easter Sunday itself has come and gone, the joy and hope and promise of Easter is so expansive that it can’t be limited to Easter Sunday. In fact, in the Christian calendar we have about six weeks in the Easter season! The Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is something worth celebrating! We praise God, the Father, for raising His Son from the dead. We praise Jesus for conquering sin and death. We thank God that darkness and hatred have been conquered by his Resurrection. Furthermore, the celebration of Jesus is not just what God did for His Son but for what God has done for us. It was not just a personal victory on Easter Sunday. God wants to share it with us and give us part of the triumph that was His on that day. Jesus told his disciples that they were to be witnesses. They were to witness to others that Jesus had indeed died, but he had risen again from the dead. Today, we are those witnesses. There are many people out there who do not believe that Jesus was the Son of God. For them, last Sunday was just another Sunday. But we know differently. One of the fruits of the Resurrection is joy. How joyful the men and women around Jesus must have felt just to know that in the midst of their pain, he was still there.

Jesus was still building bridges. Joy comes from the knowledge that we are loved and seen as lovable by God. Joy comes when we discover hidden riches, strengths in ourselves and in others. Joy is a passion for life–to enjoy life. So often, we can get so concerned about things that may never happen.

The routine of present life can blind us to the joy of the present moment, to the presence of someone near us. The joy of the Resurrection allows us to lift others. A lady I knew, whose husband had died after sixty years of marriage, was being consoled by a neighbor. “I’m sorry you lost your husband,” he said. Her answer was: he is not lost; I know exactly where he is.”

Joy is knowing where we are, for in Jesus we have new life. What are the signs of the Resurrection today? They are the hope and joy that we share. It is you and I raising people up because we have been saved.  If that is not good news and something worth celebrating, I don’t know what is!

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